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Workforce Development News

Mayor Turner kicks off Hire Houston Youth Summer Jobs Initiative

  • by HAUL
  • Monday, April 11, 2016

HOUSTON, TX- Hey students, summer's on its way! But that also means . . . it's job hunting time.

Eric Goodie, Director of Asset Acquisition & Management for Houston Area Urban League, explains it's tough for kids to find job these days. "With unemployment as high as it is for adults, it's very competitive for our youths to attain any types of employment."

Not to worry, Space City, the mayor's got your back. His new jobs program, "Hire Houston's Youth", is hooking up students with summer gigs. The program hopes students will be paid at least $8 per/hour.

. . . Hear that guys? That's the sound of hard work and makin' moolah.

NewsFix spoke to a few local students. As one explained--it's hard to hang out with your friends if you don't make money!

The program is going to help 450 plus students (ages 16 through 24) find jobs -- from city parks, to police departments, to public libraries.

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