Advocacy U – Cohort (Spring 2022)

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  • Virtual: Zoom
  • March 8, 2022
  • Tuesday, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

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Advocacy U – Cohort (Spring 2022)

Virtual: Zoom

Tuesday, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
March 8, 2022


Advocacy U – Cohort (Spring 2022)

Virtual: Zoom

Tuesday, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
March 8, 2022


HAUL’s Center for Social Justice hosts the Spring 2022 Advocacy U Cohort! This event is a part of a FREE 12-week series of workshops that aims to amplify advocacy, education services, and programming to meet the needs of underserved communities is critical to the continued economic growth and quality of life for all Houstonians. If you are interested in learning more, sign up for one or all of the sessions.

CSJE Orientation – Tuesday, March 15th

We will introduce attendees to the Urban League Movement and the Center for Social Justice and Education. We will take them through a virtual tour of the National and Local Urban League Movements. After the high-level overview, we will talk through the ground rules, syllabus, and expectations for the weeks ahead.

Community Organizing 101 – Tuesday, March 22th

This module is another foundational piece for participants because it will equip them to help advocate for the issues associated with the work of the Houston Area Urban League and what is important to them. They will learn how to identify an issue, develop support around their stance, organize people around the issue, and advocate. This will be a very interactive session.

Racial Equity – Tuesday, March 29nd

This module will help set the foundation for the course and ground all participants in the importance of race, acknowledging our differences, creating equity, best practices to model an equitable environment, and the role that each of us plays.

State of HPD – Tuesday, April 5th

In this module, participants will take a look at the current structure of the Houston Police Department. This includes the Independent Police Oversight Board, the Policy and Procedures, Training, Best Practices from across the country, Community Investment, and what people from the community want to see. We must continue to reimagine this system and what it looks like when it is formatted to serve the needs of all members of the community.

The Power of the Vote – Tuesday, April 12th

Participants will receive a brief history of the vote to its current state. They will learn about the Harris County Tax Assessor and the Harris County Clerk that currently govern voter registration and the election process. Additional information about the Elections Administrator and what this position means for the community will be discussed. We will look at real-life examples of the impact of voting and help each person walk away with statements of why the vote matters to them.

City Structure & Politics – Tuesday, April 19th

This module will kick off a four-part series to help participants understand the structure of our government and the associated political climate. The intent is to equip them with the basic knowledge needed to navigate various systems to advocate for themselves and the members of their community. Attendees will learn about the city charter, receive a copy of the city budget, our governance structure (roles and associated powers), accountability measures (how to testify/speak at city council meetings), and interact with elected officials and their staff.

County Structure & Politics – Tuesday, April 26th

This module will be the second part of the government and politics series that will move to the county level. It will mirror the city session regarding the budget, governance structure, accountability (how to testify/speak at Commissioner’s Court), and interaction with elected officials and staff. We will also look at the differences and similarities of the two systems and how they interact.

State Structure & Politics – Tuesday, May 3rd

The third part of the government and politics series addresses the state level, and it will mirror the city and county level modules again but from the state perspective. Many of the policies that govern us are built into our state constitution, and several state offices supersede our local governance.

Federal Structure & Politics – Tuesday, May 10th

The final part of the government and politics series addresses the federal level. We will look at the highest level of government and the election cycle that garners the most attention and highest participation rate. Whenever there is a presidential election, the whole country is watching, and when it is over, what is the impact?

The Importance of Messaging – Tuesday, May 17th

This session will explore the importance of messaging for the community. We will be joined by an expert who allows participants to understand better the marketing dynamics that they must incorporate in their community work to connect with the masses.

What does it mean to Lead? – Tuesday, May 24th

In this session, participants will look at the different types of leadership. They will look inward to assess how they currently lead in various areas of their lives and what they want their personal leadership to look like in the community in the future.

George Floyd Anniversary – Tuesday, May 31st

On this anniversary, we will look at the commitments made and delivered and what the future looks like? How will we continue to drive change and honor the legacy of those that lost their lives?

Each session will be facilitated by Ray B. Shackelford, Consultant to the HAUL Center for Social Justice & Education, and supported by subject matter experts.

*Class dates and times are subject to change. HAUL will give advance notice as soon as possible on any schedule amendments. *