Message From Our President

Message From Our President

Civil Rights Leaders Call for Full Examination of Kavanaugh’s Record

  • by HAUL
  • Sunday, August 19, 2018

Supporters of the Urban League:

Looking at a person's history is a good indication of their future. Not always the case... However, when tracking the philosophical ideology of a person that could be responsible for making decisions that will impact generations of Americans for decades to come, we must turn to their record. As a 501 C3 non-partisan organization, we do not pick candidates or political parties. Instead, we look at the issues that matter to underrepresented communities. Then based upon what we have learned, we make recommendations to resist or support certain laws or policies that could either reduce or increase the equality gaps we see in the categories we monitor. The current Presidential Cabinet has been as predicted, based upon their individual histories (philosophical ideologies) not good for underrepresented communities and clients of the Urban League. Rollbacks in voting rights, healthcare, education, the environment, civil rights and other key areas in which we work, lead us to believe there is more bad news to come.

The time to push back continues to be now! Share the important message from the National Urban League and other Civil Rights organizations (below) that our Supreme Court Justices must be fair, balanced, and a representative of many points of views When we look at this Supreme Court nominees track record, we are concerned. Join the many others and us, as we raise our voices in the fight for justice for all, and not just the privileged few. Let our Legislators know we object and reject the direction of our federal leadership and will not sit quietly by as our Supreme Court nominee disrespects our history and progress in his pursuit to cater to the privileged and the powerful.

Yours in the Movement,


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