Message From Our President

Message From Our President

The Winter Storm of the Century

  • by HAUL
  • Saturday, February 20, 2021

Operation Safe Houston Winter Storm

Black History month was in full swing when the Winter Storm of the Century hit Texas this February. Due to the increased awareness of the Black struggle for equality and equity and the death of fellow Houstonian George Floyd and others, there has been a sincere push to learn and bring awareness during this historical month, and understanding the importance of Black History. We have been excited to engage with so many new interested history seekers and community stakeholders. Despite our personal challenges, these events did not diminish our staff's ability to continue to provide services in a safe manner or encourage vaccinations to stop the spread. For the first time in many years, we were optimistic that our conversations around social justice and economic equality would lead to actions, including us building a stronger union together. However, on February 15th, the Texas Winter Storm wreaked havoc on our entire community. Now, in the spirit of our ancestors that fought for us and so many others to have civil rights, it's our time to fight! Together, we will make sure all of our neighbors have the resources they need to recover after the storm. 

The year 2021 will continue to focus on racial reckoning and justice, voter education and engagement, small business support, Covid- 19 eradication, and finding our new normal. Normal is this new phenomena of climate change and its impact on our lives and those of our communities. The frequency of hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters such as this unlikely and deadly winter storm has added a new degree of suffering to those already least likely prepared for these events that have become commonplace. The Urban League intends to remain strong and prepared to help our community adjust to this “new normal”.

In response to this reality, the Houston Area Urban League began a disaster response program called “Operation Safe Houston”. Operation Safe Houston is an integrated system that identifies resources for people in need, helping them avoid scams, and identifying trusted partners to ensure a safe transition from emergency and chaos, to immediate response and ongoing support. Identifying and providing access to emergency needs such as food, clothing, shelter and financial support. Additionally, we provide disaster case management professionals (technical assistance) in both English and Spanish to help people get the right information from reliable and trustworthy sources we have a history of working with. As an official United Way “Thrive” partner we have access to a network we collaborate with when our community experiences a traumatic occurrence such as the current aftermath of this storm. Now here is where you can help. Choose to support

Operation Safe Houston today and into the future.

We rely on supporters like yourself to understand that your investment into the Urban League will not only empower others, but it will help change the lives of many from our community.

Your donation will help ensure that we can provide a great impact of service and the assistance of our Operation Safe Houston initiative. The ability to give people what they need to get back on their feet, to recover what they have lost and discover a new partnership towards long term sustainability with the Houston Area Urban League. We are stronger as a community when we work together. Join us! 

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