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  • I Am Empowered

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  • Small Business Development University

    Are you an aspiring entrepreneur in the startup or growth phase of your business cycle but just not sure on how to develop a balanced business plan for long term sustainability, certified but unable to scale to capacity, raise limited Capital, find a reliable business network or determine a strategy that will create a demand for your product and/or services? If you answered "Yes" to any one of these questions you are a prime candidate for the Houston Area Urban League's Small Business Development University program.

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  • 10 Point Journey to Peace Plan “The phenomenon we have seen in America since the announcement of the non-indictments of officers in the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner is new to a generation, but not to the nation. Young people have always helped to fuel historic social change.

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  • 2015 FAFSA Completion

    Do You Need Money for College?

    Do Not Know What FAFSA Is?

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  • ACA Faith Action Sunday Event

    Outreach & Enrollment Event at The Fountain of Praise with the Secretary of Health and Human Services Slyvia Burwell along with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Congressman Al Green in attendance.

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  • African American National Spelling Bee Championship & Scholarships

    This event is open to Harris County Students 6th to 8th Grades.

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  • First Time Home Buyer Workshop The First Time Homebuyers Class is designed to assist low to moderate-income families with the home buying process. Completion of this class entitles qualified families with down payment and closing cost assistance. Classes are in English and Spanish.

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  • HDHHS Press Conference - Health Care Iniative Secretary of Health, Sylvia Burwell Congressional Reps. Al Green and Sheila Jackson Lee and Stephen Williams, Director, City of Houston, HDHHS at press conference 2/8/2015, SW MultiServic Center Final Push Enrollment Event.

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  • Health Insurance Marketplace

    Houston Area Urban League Marketplace Assistance Call Center 281-220-6012 or 832-393-5423.  Enroll now in a plan that covers essential benefits, preexisting conditions, and more.  Call us today and we will help guide you through the process to health coverage that meets your needs and budget.

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  • Houston Area Urban League Fair Housing

    The Houston Area Urban League (HAUL) and the Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program have partnered to advocate and provide direct assistance to victims of fair housing and fair lending laws. HAUL will conduct group outreach and education as well as individual housing counseling. The HVLP will handle fair housing rights issues. This program serves the City of Houston and Fort Bend County. Call 281-220-6012 to make a Fair Housing claim or get more information on our Fair Housing Program.

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  • National Youth Enrollment Week Kick Off Party at Discovery Green

    On Saturday, January  24, 2015, Young Invincibles, Get Covered America, and the Enroll Gulf Coast Collaborative hosted Rock Enroll Houston: Get Ready to Rock (Enroll)- National Youth Enrollment Week Kick-off Party at Discovery Green. Houston Area Urban League was included in the collaborative hosting the event.

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  • NCCER Training NCCER Construction Training Construction /Basic Apprentice Trades 
    Provides training for all types of construction trades helpers – electrician, carpenters, plumber, pipe fitters, dry wall, sheet rock, iron and metal work.

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  • Press Conference with Secretary of Health, Sylvia Burwell

    Press Conference with Secretary of Health, Sylvia Burwell and Enroll Gulf Coast Health Insurance Marketplace partners at the Denver Harbor Multiservice Center.  She was here to support and amplify our efforts as we kicked off the 2nd round of Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Nov 15, 2014 - Feb 15, 2015 and congratulate our success for the last enrollment period 2013-2014.

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  • State Farm Valentines Day Candle Safety Open flame candles are dangerous if not used and monitored properly. State Farm wants to remind you that while decorative candles may be an attractive addition to your home decor, if used improperly, they can be a serious fire hazard.

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  • Tribute to Black History Diversity Job Fair

    February 27th 10AM - 1PM

    Third Ward Multi Service Center

    3611 Ennis Street Houston TX 77004

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  • United Way

    The Houston Area Urban League is a United Way Agency.

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  • Workforce Development and Training

    Employment Orientation held every Wednesday at 9:00 A.M. at 5320 Griggs Rd, Houston TX 77021

    Identify Your Ideal Career • Gain Skills in Job Readiness • Effective Job Interviewing • Strong Communication and Social Interaction • Learn New and Appropriate Coping Skills • Learn to Motivate Self and Others • Benefit from Supportive Services and Job Placement Opportunities 

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4 positive ways FHA cuts will impact mortgages

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The recent announcement that mortgage insurance premiums for Federal Housing Administrationmortgages will decrease from 1.35% to 0.85% is welcome news for the mortgage industry, according to a new postfrom the Urban Institute.

“Existing homeowners who refinance into an FHA mortgage will see similar reductions to their mortgage payments as well,” said a statement from the White House at the time of the announcement. “In total, this action will help millions of families save billions of dollars in mortgage payments in the coming years, helping to support the housing market recovery.”

The FHA’s premium cut impacts the mortgage market in four ways in 2015:

1. Saving for borrowers

The Administration expects these lower premiums to save more than 2 million FHA borrowers an average of $900 annually. By other estimates, more than 3 million current FHA borrowers stand to benefit from reduced premiums upon refinancing. 

2. Increases in low-income and first-time FHA borrowers

Low-income and first time borrowers, who seek homeownership but could not afford higher premiums under old FHA pricing, may now find the math more favorable.

3. Borrowers with high credit scores

Lower premiums will also make FHA loans more attractive for certain high-FICO borrowers who previously would have found GSE loans more cost effective. 

4. Increase in competition between FHA and PMIs

Perhaps most significantly for the mortgage market, this premium reduction alters the current industry dynamic by making FHA pricing more competitive relative to PMI. 

The original article can be seen at http://www.housingwire.com/articles/32678-urban-institute-4-positive-ways-fha-cuts-will-impact-mortgages


Check it Out: Houston Small Business Exchange

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Re-Cap: Houston Small Business Exchange

#CommunityPitch #EconomicDevelopment #JobCreation


On behalf of our President & CEO, Mr. Judson Robinson, we would like to take another opportunity to say thank you to those that participated in the 2014 Houston Small Business Exchange and to everyone that continually supports our economic development endeavors at The Entrepreneurship Center, in helping to grow minority owned businesses in the Greater Houston Community.

We look forward to networking and growing your business with you in 2015!

Our Proud Community Sponsors/Collaborators

2014 Houston Small Business Exchange
The National Urban LeaguePort of HoustonWells Fargo;United Way of Greater HoustonUPSthe breakfast klubHouston Area Urban League;Houston Area Urban League Young ProfessionalsHouston Area Urban League GuildTwice Media Productions, LLCThe Office of Business OpportunityAccion Texas Inc.Houston Minority Supplier Development CouncilUniversity of Houston-Small Business Development CenterGreater Houston Black ChamberLamik Beauty.

Houston Small Business Panelist: Eric Goodie, Glenn Smith, Judson Robinson, Cary Yates, Kim Roxie, Seble Woubshet, Phillip J. Yates, John Whaley, Josh Bowie
Eric Goodie, HAUL Director

Twice Media Productions
Banden Morris, HAUL Business Consultant and J.K. Waldie & Associates
Vernita Harris, Chairman of GHBC
HAUL President & CEO Judson W. Robinson III
HAUL Recognizes Board Chair, Cary P. Yates, Senior VP of Wells Fargo Bank
Robert Allen, 2014 Houston Small Business Exchange
"Community Pitch Winner" 
Michelle Levi, 2014 Houston Small Business Exchange
"Community Pitch Winner" 
See You at the 2015 Houston Small Business Exchange


The National Urban League 8 Point Plan: Educate, Employ and Empower

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In 2011, the National Urban League launched the 12-Point Jobs Plan to Put America Back to Work. In 2012, we are issuing a public call for immediate national action around the education and job-training steps necessary to achieve these goals. As a result of our long history of job training and education programs, the National Urban League understands the importance of equipping workers with a sound education. With the introduction of our 2012 Employment and Education Plan, we seek to raise this most urgent conversation to the top of our national news headlines. The time to act is now!

Any serious discussion about the creation of jobs and economic opportunity must account for the basic shortcomings of our current national approach to education, from early education to adulthood, and beyond. These two concepts are closely rooted in their ultimate purpose, if not one and the same. Education, at its core, is economic readiness. Job training, by its very definition, is education in its most practical sense. The two cannot and must not be viewed separately. A broken national system of education will continue to yield a broken economy, built upon broken communities and broken lives.

This list of practical and actionable ideas is a recommended approach to solving America’s crisis in education - one designed to spark serious discussion, while also serving as a policy playbook ready for action today. We view the following collection of ideas as the first step towards positive change, and a long-term education solution for America.

Although our traditional role has often been seen by many as a ‘bridge’ between the services available and the daily needs of the underserved of our cities, we fully accept the growing challenge asked of a historic Civil Rights Organization such as ours, to take the lead in forcing our country to confront those basic sources of economic hardship that we can and must change within our lifetime.

The National Urban League 8-Point Plan includes:

  1. Fair and equitable school funding for all
  2. Robust early childhood education for each child
  3. Strengthen high schools and re-engage students to prevent dropouts
  4. Robust STEM focused curriculum and programs
  5. Qualified, effective and diverse teachers
  6. Strategic workforce development: targeting Americans most in need
  7. New job training models coupled with job placement
  8. Improving and integrating current data systems

To Read More Click Here 8-Point Plan


United Way Project Ready Guided Reading for HISD Families Pleasantville Elementary

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As we continue our quest to help the families in Houston ISD understand differentiated instruction, to support their children and HISD with students becoming strategic, independent readers, HAUL engaged 229 parents, guardians, grandparents and children last night at Pleasantville Elementary with engaging, appropriate text for successful and rapid growth to help their children become independent reader.

110 Adults

119 Children

See photos of the workshop that included the students performing, parent workshop, parent/student engaging around the strategies the parents received in the workshop, just right Scholastic books for families to take home and continue practicing, Frnchy's Chicken dinner for all and door prizes.

Two schools in November, which means we have space for more schools. United Way is funding the four schools for two sessions each. We need to provide this service for all the elementary schools in Houston ISD. When our families understand what we are doing with their children in the classroom, they can support that effort at home. When the home is doing the same thing our teachers are doing in the classroom, our KIDS are CORNERED and learning is inevitable. If you would like to support this work, come see first hand how it works.

 Next workshop November 20, 2014 at HISD Kashmere Gardens Elementary School at 5pm. We are missing 13 days in November we could be working with other schools and there families.


State Farm: Childproofing Electrical Outlets

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When childproofing your home, try getting down on all fours to see the world from your child’s point of view. Once there, you’ll get a better perspective on one of the more dangerous hazards that, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, send about 2,400 children a year to the emergency room: electrical outlets. In addition to their tiny fingers, children will find any number of household items to stick into the outlet—most often hairpins or keys. This innocent exploration can lead to first- or second-degree electrical burns, since a child’s skin is thinner and easily conducts electricity. In some instances, the electric shock can be fatal. You can’t prevent children from being curious, and constant supervision of them isn’t always possible either. So take a moment to become familiar with the electrical outlet safety measures currently available. 

Plastic Outlet Protectors 

The most inexpensive safety outlet cover, these caps fit their prongs directly into outlet holes. The drawback is that children can figure out how to remove them. Also, you may forget to re-insert them and leave the outlet uncovered. If you misplace the small covers, they can be a choking hazard for very young children. Plastic outlet protectors may be better than nothing, but there are safer options. 

Complete Outlet Covers 

These cover the complete outlet face, or switchplate. In addition, they cover the ends of your plugged-in cords, keeping the entire area of the wall safe. Make sure these are easy to remove for adults so other cords can be plugged in—but not too easy, as a curious child might then be able to snap them off the switchplate. 

Child Tamper-Resistant Face Outlet Covers 

These covers are characterized by switchplates with faces that swivel or slide over the outlet holes. Check your hardware store, as some are intended as replacement switchplates and other kinds can be retrofit over existing outlets. 

Child Tamper-Resistant Outlets 

They look just like any other outlet, but behind the face there are plastic shutters, designed to remain closed until a plug is inserted. Its safety is based on the idea that most young children will not try to stick two objects into the two vertical outlet holes at the same time. These are the safest option for electrical outlet safety, as they are permanent and automatic. 

See more at: http://learningcenter.statefarm.com/safety-2/family-1/childproofing-electrical-outlets/#sthash.yPUawFUO.dpuf