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Supporting Youth to Become Ready for “College, Work, and Life While Supporting Family Engagement 

It takes the effort of multiple individuals to ensure a child is able to succeed into adulthood. Sometimes extra efforts are needed to provide youths an opportunity to be triumphant in life. The Houston Area Urban League's Education and Youth Development (EYD) services address the need to provide all urban youth, regardless of background, with a significant opportunity. Through our core programs that follow an educational support model and other evidence-based mechanisms, HAUL/EYD works to help urban youth become ready for college, work, and life. Through our efforts, we are building the next generation of leaders, innovators, and community advocates of the 21st century. Getting our students ready for the future is our mission. Most importantly, for many in our programs, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Houston Area Urban League's Education and Youth Development services address the need to provide all urban youth, regardless of background, with a significant opportunity



  • ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – students acquire academic skills which lead to high school graduation and college admissions 
  • SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT – students acquire social and emotional skills which help them contribute positively to society now and as adults 
  • COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS - students are prepared to succeed in college and their career   

Your donation can make the difference. Help us provide urban youth in our communities with the opportunity to grow into triumphant individuals that will transform and elevate the future.

Core Programs

A Formidable Foundation To Acquire Essential Skills in Multiple Developmental Domains

GENLITES (Gaining Early Needed Literacy Information To Excel & Succeed) focuses on enhancing adult knowledge to

  1. help children acquire learning skills in key developmental domains: social and emotional, language and literacy, cognitive, and motor and physical promoting reading proficiency by the third grade
  2. improve the reading success of children in the elementary grades

The goal is to provide skills training which can be utilized in home and educational settings which promote positive social development and academic learning. The trainings focus on three major areas:  Literacy, Math, and Science.

Making the Transition from Childhood to Adolescence A Little Easier

MIDLITES (Managing Individual Development Leading Into Transitional Education Skills) focus is to increase middle schools students’ college readiness and to assist them in developing life skills that will prepare them for the transition into high school and beyond. Each member will create a high school and college plan that can be utilized during their high school years and beyond. By the end of program services, each MIDLITES participant will be able to transition into NULITES where they will identify and implement strategies for moving their college plan forward and begin developing their career plans.

Encouraging The Youth To Take The Path Towards Lifelong Success After High School

NULITES is (National Urban League Incentives To Excel & Succeed) is designed to reflect the positive aspects of youth in today’s society while providing opportunities for personal and leadership development. By the end of the program, each member will have a college plan, career plan, and personal portfolio that will help them achieve their life’s goals. Participating youth are asked to uphold the seven (7) NULITES Principles, which were created to teach young people the attributes that yield success.

Ensuring Young Adults Finalize Their College Education Successfully

HILITES is designed to support students who have obtained a high school diploma and enrolled in college. College students will obtain supportive resources key for college completion. College and career achievement will be highlighted to inspire children and youth who are GENLITES, MIDLITES, and NULITES.

HAUL's Family and Community Engagement program provides skills to promote social development and academic learning

Family and Community Engagement

It's True: It Takes a Community to Raise The Next Generation

Our Family and Community Engagement program provides skills training for parents and caregivers, where such skills can be utilized in home and educational settings to promote social development and academic learning. The training includes Family Literacy Nights (fun, interactive activity designed to help parents with developing their knowledge, skills, routines and techniques to aid their child’s academic development especially literacy), Parent Trainings, etc.


Summer Programs

Providing Interactive Activities To Promote Educational Development

One of the challenges that parents, teachers, and other stakeholders face is the summer learning loss experienced once students complete a school year. Some of the ways to diminish summer learning loss is by providing engaging activities for students that promote educational and cultural development. Our summer programs provide interactive activities and field trips to build upon their competence, confidence, and character.

Upcoming Events

EYD events empower the youth from various communities throughout the Houston area. These events are possible through your support and your attendance. Spread the word about what HAUL is doing to empower the youth of today by coming to an event that will hopefully provide you with the opportunity to understand the vision that we have for our youth. We hope you will join us. For more information about EYD events, contact us today.



Partner with Us

Our programs are a way to help urban youth obtain an opportunity to succeed in life. Plain and simple. Your support is necessary to provide hope and a chance for a better tomorrow. We welcome you to partner with us in a variety of ways. Whether you are providing a financial donation as an individual, or providing your skills and influence as an organization, you will be doing your part in strengthening our education and youth development services. You can also partner with us by volunteering as a mentor to our youths. They need your guidance and wisdom to assist them in their journey towards professional and personal success. To partner with HAUL and its EYD initiatives, contact us today.


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