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Building Towards a Life of Stability and Growth Through Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Center (EC) was created for the sole purpose of empowering, mentoring, and supporting our cohort of entrepreneurs, particularly entrepreneurs of color, in gaining the wisdom, knowledge, and skills to become self-sufficient and triumphant business owners by providing the foundation necessary to create successful enterprises.

By providing the resources to under-resourced entrepreneurs, we can provide the pathway towards increasing the economic health of communities in need of revitalization and redevelopment.

Promising Community Members a Life of Stability and Growth Through Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning.

Daymond John

Core Programs

Small Business Development University (SBU)

One of the most vital programs that we offer is the Small Business Development University (SBU). Through a curriculum created and approved by some of the brightest business minds in the Houston community, subject-matter experts, and community partners, SBU will inspire our cohort of entrepreneurs to fulfill their goals of becoming successful business owners. This will provide economic security for themselves and their loved ones and uplift the communities in which these businesses will serve. The SBU program offers all of the skills necessary to launch a successful enterprise, such as management skills, finding and securing capital, building social and professional networks, and foundations of business management.

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One on One Consulting

The One on One program is dedicated to providing counsel and individualized mentoring to business owners that need direction, inspiration, and resources to become better entrepreneurs. Our business mentors will deliver targeted, concise information to entrepreneurs. This strategic manner in which our business mentors give guidance ensures that entrepreneurs will only be provided with the counsel that is specific to their needs and the needs of their businesses. Our mentors are subject-matter experts with decades of entrepreneurial success. They are also individuals who will provide our enrollees with confidence, determination, and integrity to propel them on the path towards long-term success.


The Entrepreneurship Center provides entrepreneurs with business advisors who have decades of experience. They provide prospective business owners with targeted, specific knowledge and skills that can redirect business owners facing difficulties, obstacles, and specific concerns regarding their respective establishments.

Our Advisors

Eric G

Eric Goodie

Area Vice President and Entrepreneurship Center Director

Phillip Yates

Entrepreneurship Center Program Consultant
HAUL_imgs_Branden M

Branden Morris

Entrepreneurship Center Business Consultant

Upcoming Events

The EC provides year-round events dedicated to our cohort of business owners. Our events provide inspiration, guidance, skills, and other resources to empower the 21st-century entrepreneur. To learn more, inquire, or attend any EC event, please visit our program calendar.

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