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Providing Economic Empowerment through Workforce Development Initiatives

The Houston Area Urban League is an organization dedicated to empowering individuals from historically marginalized communities. We believe that one of the best ways to improve the lives of those living in such communities is by ensuring individuals obtain economic self-reliance. One of the best ways to secure this form of economic security is by assisting underserved communities with the tools to succeed in an increasingly competitive job market. Our Workforce Development and Training program's mission is to increase the ability of the individuals we serve to gain employment by acquiring marketable skills, ensuring economic stability and independence.

Helping Houstonians gain employment by acquiring marketable skills, ensuring economic stability and independence.

Secure economic self-reliance for individuals in underserved communities by donating today.

Core Programs

HAUL’s Workforce Development and Training (WFD) program is spearheaded by various initiatives to provide individuals with the resources and skills to be marketable in a competitive labor market.

Our WFD programs available are as follows:

Workforce Occupational Skills Preparing individuals towards achieving success in high demand occupations in Houston
Employment Orientation (also known as Basic Skills Training)
Providing a formidable foundation to secure employment.

This core program provides individuals with the essential skills that will ensure those seeking employment with more opportunities to successfully find a part-time and/or full-time position. The basic skills that we provide to individuals through our Employment Orientation Core Program include the following: personal assessment, resume development, presentation skills/dress for success, effective communication skills, and interviewing techniques. Through this basic but beneficial skills training, individuals are more prepared to find gainful employment more effectively, but most importantly, they can have the confidence necessary to pursue jobs in which they previously believed they were not qualified or prepared to apply.

Core Skills Training
Attaining the confidence and the belief necessary to become gainfully employed.

Our core program, Core Skills Training, is an extension of our Basic Skills Training program, but it specializes in providing individuals with a particular skill set that will enable them to project more confidence and have the belief to acquire gainful employment. Initiatives include peer-to-peer engagement, as well as providing support services. This core program also provides soft skills, more specifically coping skills, enabling individuals to seek and secure employment. The Core Skills Training program also offers strategies to improve upon interviewing skills, as well as communication and social interaction skills. These capabilities that we provide to individuals in this program will supply the confidence necessary to search and gain employment, but also ensure they are able to stay employed.

Workforce Occupational Skills
Preparing individuals towards achieving success in high demand occupations

There is a great need to address how necessary it is to provide individuals with the skills, tools and resources to secure better professional opportunities. With each passing year, the demand for skilled professionals in various industries that will expand in the coming years is significant. The Workforce Occupational Skills Core Program provides the tools that will prepare individuals to succeed in emerging and high-growth industries.

Through various initiatives, such as the National Center for Construction Education and Research Core Curriculum (NCCER) for industry craft skills, the Urban Apprentice Jobs Program, and the Urban Tech Jobs 2.0 program, we are providing individuals with varied options that they can choose from and ultimately gain the skills to secure employment and most importantly, secure professional success for themselves and creating a positive economic impact for their loved ones.

In The News

Comcast is Helping Houstonians Learn Digital Skills for Free

The company’s ‘Digital Navigator’ programs teach digital skills that will provide greater opportunities and quality of life.

HOUSTON — Almost every job or level of education requires some level of digital skill. Whether it’s working a cash register, joining an online conference call, or accessing information, these digital skills are vital to know.

According to a recent report, jobs that require even one digital skill pay an average of 8-thousand dollars a year more than jobs with no digital skill requirements. Yet the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau’s American Communities Survey found that one in ten households, or 687,086 households, in the greater Houston area do not have an internet subscription or a computer… or may be without both. Click here to view the full article.

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To learn more about our Workforce Development programs, you can visit any of our WFD sessions and related events. All pertinent information can be found in our calendar of events.

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If you are interested in partnering with HAUL to empower our Workforce Development Program by providing your expertise, resources, and other opportunities for the betterment of our community, please contact Rommell Williams at rwilliams@haul.org.

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