Empowering Communities. Changing Lives.

Empowering Communities.
Changing Lives.

Our Core Initiatives

People reached for Get Out The Count & Get Out The Vote (2020)

Served through mentoring, academic achievement, college and career awareness, and family & community engagement.

Served through Small Business University, One on One Mentoring

Served with access to healthcare and food assistance.

Served with homebuying education, rental counseling, veterans and surviving family support.

Served with Employment & Core Skills Training, Workforce Occupational Skills.

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Education & Youth Development

Welcome to Your Houston Area Urban League

Since 1968, we have been committed to protecting the interests of those who have been put aside, dismissed, and marginalized throughout the history of our nation. Our organization has been a symbol of resistance for everyday people. Who’s the everyday person? It’s the person trying to protect their civil rights and liberties. The person beginning their entrepreneurial journey and is looking to invigorate their local economy. It’s the person yearning to improve, in mind, body, and spirit. It's also for the person willing to advocate for the disadvantaged and underrepresented. Essentially, the League is for the entire community. We battle for the community. We uphold the community in every way possible. HAUL works to provide all those who come through our doors the power of economic self-reliance, the power of justice, education, and advocacy.


The Vital Role of DEI in Empowering the Black Economy

In recent years, discussions around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) have gained significant momentum across various sectors. From corporate boardrooms to grassroots activism, fostering diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments is increasingly recognized as essential for societal progress. However, some advocate for the elimination of DEI initiatives, arguing that they are unnecessary or even detrimental. What […]

Op-Ed: Black-owned businesses are making history in Texas, across America

In recent years, our small business community has weathered a global pandemic, persistent supply chain issues, sometimes volatile prices, and a tight labor market—and Black-owned businesses in our state have faced disproportionate impacts from these pandemic challenges. Despite those headwinds, Black-owned businesses across Texas are fueling one of the largest and most diverse waves of […]

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