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Education and Youth Development News

2016 Project Ready Guided Reading Practice for Families in HISD

  • by HAUL
  • Monday, February 08, 2016

Happy New Year everybody. Last night at HISD Atherton Elementary School we had a nice crowd and an outstanding session. The Guided Reading Practices are continuing with families engaged around how to do a “Text Study” – A “Text Study” is a set of interactive lessons and activities based on one high-interest informational text. Each Text Study includes Three (3) “READS” of an INFORMATIONAL TEXT. Each read has a specific learning object for parents to ensure it happens. Come see it and the impact it can have on parents/guardians/grandparents supporting their children at home.

· First Read (Read It!) This read introduces the text as a whole and focuses on vocabulary. Building vocabulary skills and supporting Comprehension.
· Second Read (Analyze It!) This read is a text-dependent interactive task, including text-marking and multiple-choice questions, parents taking their child deeper into the text to build the close-reading and analysis skills the child needs for mastery of the STAAR Test requirements.
· Third Read (Discuss It!) This read is followed by parents asking question to their child that guides the child in thinking deeply and critically about the text in a family setting. (Read-Aloud-Plus Text Talk/Discussion)

Next week we will have Guided Reading Practice at HISD Law Elementary on Tuesday the 9th and introduce Read and Rise Family Conversations at HISD W. Fondren Elementary on Thursday the 11 to all their Families Pre-K – 2nd Grades.

The following week, we will be at HISD Elmore on the 16th and a date change for HISD Thompson for Thursday the 18th instead of the old date of the 25th.

Hope you can join us…john

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