Education and Youth Development News

Education and Youth Development News

Volume 1, Issue 1 - "They Can't Catch Up, because They Can't Catch On"

  • by HAUL
  • Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hello world, this is my first blog. I will address our nation's family and child literacy crisis and place the issues squarely where they belong. Parents must come to grips with and grow to know that their child's literacy, social, and emotional development is "ALL about them, but not about Them."

As I work with families in the Houston area and travel across our nation facilitating literacy events and solutions workshops, there is a larger percentage of our nation’s families who misunderstand that they are in fact their child's first and most important teacher and role model. It's totally unfair to the children of these families, to have to walk into pre-k already into intervention. It is one of the major causes of our nation's ongoing series of crises, our nation's children not reading; "They can’t Catch Up, because they can’t Catch On."

Too many of our nation's children are missing the prevention that family engagement around early literacy development at home provides and have to wait until they get to pre-k to begin their journey and that's too late. The greatest gift any parent can give to their child is to just teach them how to read early, at home. Families, who deprive their children of this human right, are the largest contributors to our nations failing schools.

Families must begin literacy development of their babies in the third cycle of the mother's pregnancy. The neural network has developed enough, for the baby to begin taking on and retaining information. Families who read to, talk to, hug and love their babies in the mother’s womb during the third cycle of that mother’s pregnancy, begin building little black, white, red, brown, or yellow engines that comes out saying, “I CAN.”

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