Message From Our President

Message From Our President

State of Black America

  • by HAUL
  • Sunday, June 04, 2017

As the Houston Area Urban League approaches its 50th Year Anniversary, I reflect on the amount of work we have accomplished over the years. The Urban League has helped members of the community find jobs and opportunities for a better life for themselves and their families. However, when reviewing the equality indices presented in the State of Black America report, I am troubled by the amount of work that still remains. The leadership in the African-American community in Houston has taken the report to heart is beginning to make a big push to support our local black-owned business and banks. In addition to seeking parity through economic empowerment, the Houston Area Urban League has proudly been recognized for our efforts with the Project Ready Program. Mentoring our young people is the key to ensuring a positive future for the next generation. The young professionals have begun to take part in this impactful programming by helping to develop programs for the NULITES & Project Ready students on the weekends. HAULYP is also transforming into a group of young advocates that truly understand where the issues are in our community and have come to the table with solutions and drive. I admire their enthusiasm and am looking forward to their future endeavors.
We are thankful to partners like the City of Houston, corporations, foundations, and individuals like you and me that choose to make a difference by supporting organizations like the Urban League. When we do, we become involved in the process of shaping our future. When we volunteer, give financially, or lend our expertise, we are in fact changing the state of all Americans. We as an agency have set a goal of equality for all. We are constantly developing while executing programs that work to shrink the equality gap in housing, education, health and economics while pushing back against policies and priorities that threaten our progress. 

So, I encourage you to get involved to be a part of the solution! Contribute to this year’s Equal Opportunity Day Dinner to help support our programs. Join the Urban League Young Professionals or Guild and become a voice in your community. Become a member of the Urban League to ensure we know you are out there and can answer when there is a call to action. I encourage you to support your local Urban League and help shape our community’s destiny. We cannot do this work without you! 

To Learn more about the Urban League and the 2017 State of Black America publication go to

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The mission of the Houston Area Urban League is to enable African Americans and other minorities to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights.

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