Workforce Development Services

Designed to help families become economically stable, the Workforce Development department, teaches clients techniques for job search, application, interview, and employment retention with the goal of economic and family self-sufficiency. The department offers recruitment services to employers and job placement assistance to applicants seeking employment.

The department works continually to provide training, guidance and resources to empower individuals in a successful job search and/or career change. The program provides an array of services to increase participants’ potential for success on the job, to facilitate a mechanism for career development and job retention.

Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals possessing the qualifications and talent necessary to help clients address and overcome potential employment barriers. These obstacles may include: inadequate family support systems; past involvement with the criminal justice system; inadequate academic preparation; lack of job skills and orientation to 21st Century skills and qualifications.

Employers have access to a database of qualified applicants, opportunities for on-site recruitment, corporate training and participation in job fairs. Employment candidates receive assessments, basic skills training, resume development, job readiness workshops, job referrals, career coaching, placement assistance, access to the Job Bank and are provided with supportive services.

Programs include:
Employment Orientation (Basic Skills Training) held on Wednesdays’ at 9:00 A.M. Training presentation is designed to help facilitate effective job search including: Personal Assessment, Emerging Employment/Occupational Trends, Effective Resume Development, Presentation Skills/Dress for Success, Image Management, Effective Communication Skills and Interviewing Techniques that support an effective job search.

Job Club (Soft Skills Training) held on Mondays’ at 9:00 A.M. Group sessions help to increase job search effectiveness through soft-skills training, peer-to-peer engagement and provision of supportive services. Here participants: Gain enhanced soft-skills to successfully find and maintain employment, improve job interviewing skills, improve communication and social interaction skills and learn new and appropriate coping skills.

JOBview Job Search and Application Made Simple!
Trying to find a job on the web is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, with so many job sites to wade through and keep track of, the process of searching for a job can be overwhelming to even the most savvy computer user. HAUL’s JOBview is a self-service employment application that simplifies the job search process by allowing you to find daily updated local, regional and national jobs from a simple user interface that is purpose-built for one task—search and apply for jobs!

Turnkey, Self-Service – JOBview operates like an ATM for Jobs. Thousands of jobs can be browsed using an intuitive interface. Local, regional and national jobs can be browsed from the same simple and intuitive site. You can get a hardcopy of job descriptions or email or text message job descriptions directly from the site; You can apply on-line to any job!

HAUL’s JOBview eliminates the time consuming and confusing process of finding and searching through multiple job sites. Begin your search by selecting HAUL JOBview adn using the link below.

Customized Training Programs
Through partnership and funding from various governmental, non-profit agencies and companies, the Workforce Development department designs programs to increase participants’ potential for success on the job and facilitate a mechanism for career development. These intensive training courses offer customized activities including: Life Skills Training, Customer Service Skills, Microsoft Office certification, extensive Support Services, Job Placement Assistance and Job Retention Services.
A Resource for Entrepreneurship – Small Business University funded by the Port of Houston Authority

The Economic Development services provided, within this department, help small business entrepreneurs with business development, planning, and access to capital through instruction and networking support. Once these businesses start-up, they become resources for employment opportunities for many of clients coming through this department.

The program provides technical assistance for business start-ups and/or expansion partnering with the City of Houston, Houston Minority Supplier Diversity Council, Port of Houston, Houston Citizen’s Chamber and other organizations to facilitate MWDBE, SBE and HUB Certifications leading to contract opportunities.

Core program services are designed to promote business ownership as a life option and to address the needs of start-up and small business enterprise expansion. Components include: instruction in Business Plan Development, Marketing Principles and Strategies, Financial Management, Sales and Marketing, advocacy for Minority Women Business Enterprises and SBE certification, access to micro-enterprise loans and bonding resources for minority entrepreneurs. For program information or to schedule consultation, contact Philip Yates at (713) 393-8739 or

Contact Information:
Eric M. Goodie – Director of Workforce & Economic Development (713) 393-8754
Rommell Williams – Workforce Development Program Manager (281) 220-6012

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