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First Time Homebuyers

The First Time Homebuyers Workshop is designed to assist low to moderate-income families with the home buying process. Classes are in English and Spanish covering: recommendations regarding readiness and preparation for homeownership; FHA insured financing; housing selection and mobility; search assistance; budgeting and credit; loan product and feature comparison; purchase and closing and money management.

Pre-purchase Homebuyer Education Workshop and Pre-purchase/Home buying Counseling:
HAUL Housing Department assists clients in the First Time Homebuyer and Housing Program over a one-year period. Pre-purchase homebuyers are scheduled for an intensive six-hour group education and scheduled for a minimum of two hours optional one-on-one counseling. Credit Reports are pulled prior to the counseling session and are analyzed and reviewed with the client. If necessary, clients referred to more detailed credit enhancement services. As a final step in counseling, a certificate issued to the client and discussion regarding issues during the period of homeownership (financing the home, refinancing, mortgage default, foreclosure prevention, sale or transition from the home). Clients tracked through closing or to a resolution of the housing process. The curriculum utilized is Keys to Homeownership – 2nd Edition, National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Home Inspection materials are provided during the homebuyer education workshop to all clients expressing interest in purchasing a home and discussed during counseling. All clients sign and confirm receipt of Home Inspection materials, which is included in the client file.

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