Education & Youth Development

Education & Youth Development implements programs that embrace a “cradle- to -career model, preparing youth to be self-sufficient adults, while supporting parental engagement throughout their educational development years. The Department provides: 1) early childhood learning applications for reading, pre-k through fourth (4th) grade; 2) academic and social development grades five (5) through (8) eight and, 3) college preparation and entrance grades nine (9) through (12) twelve. This educational support model for both children and parents is designed to expose, encourage and position the child to ultimately succeed academically at home and in a global environment.

Mission Statement

“Pathway To Purpose” is designed to promote educational, social and emotional development of children and families by identifying their strengths and designing a plan that will draw from those strengths to develop their areas of improvement. “Pathway To Purpose” is comprised of three programs for varying age groups. The goal of each program is to fit the needs of that child and family according to their stage of development.

Core Programs

G.E.N.L.I.T.E.S. (Birth to 11 years)
Primary Focus: Literacy/Technology/Early Math

GENLITES (Gaining Early Needed Literacy Information To Excel & Succeed) offers early and adolescent literacy workshops for parents, caregivers, educators, and children of 32 early childcare centers within the Houston metropolitan area. Workshops focus on early training and development in three major areas: 1) Early literacy; 2) Technology; and 3) Early math development

Our goal is to provide early skills training to be utilized with home and educational settings by parents, educators and caregivers; and to provide continuous services in order to promote positive development.

M.I.D.L.I.T.E.S (11-14 years)
Primary Focus: Math/Social/College Readiness

MIDLITES (Managing Individual Development Leading Into Transitional Education Skills) focus is to increase middle schools students’ college readiness and to assist them in developing life skills that will prepare them for the transition into high school and beyond. Also, each member will create a master college plan by the end of their 8th grade year.

By the end of program services, each MIDLITES participant will be able to transition into NULITES where they will identify and implement strategies for moving their college plan forward and begin developing their career plans.

4 Dimensions of College Readiness
1) Key Cognitive Strategies
2) Key Content Knowledge
3) Academic Behavior
4) Contextual Skills & Awareness

N.U.L.I.T.E.S (15-18 years)
Primary Focus: Leadership/Scholarship/Career Readiness

NULITES is the National Urban League Incentives To Excel & Succeed nationwide youth initiative. NULITES is designed to reflect the positive aspects of youth in today’s society while providing opportunities for personal and leadership development. By the end of the program, each NULITES member will have a career plan in addition to a college plan. Participating youth are asked to uphold the Seven NULITES Principles, which were created to teach young people the attributes that yield success.

STRIVE for excellence at home school and in my community.
WORK within my neighborhood to further its development.
RESPECT my mind and body as well as the mind and bodies of others.
CELEBRATE my heritage and culture as well as those of others.
CREATE a better future for my family, other people and myself.
CARE for the world’s people and environment.
PROMOTE a universal spirit of cooperation and peace.

~ Additional Programs ~

Campaign for Achievement
Campaign for Achievement is a program promoting academic achievement for students 3 – 12. It is designed to reduce drastically the negative peer pressure associated with academic achievement. Campaign for Achievement seeks to encourage, reinforce, prepare and qualify youth to enter colleges/universities and professional settings.

Read and Rise Parent Circle Workshop (Parent Training Service)
The HAUL/Scholastic Read and Rise Family Circle Trainings are designed to support parents with developing their knowledge, skills, routines and techniques in their role as their child’s first and most important teacher and role model. Parents will receive training materials and free Scholastic Books to help build home library.

IBM Reading Companion is a web-based literacy program that uses novel speech recognition technology to help adults and children gain and increase literacy skills.

The focus of the STEM Academy and its components is to broaden participation among African American, Latina/o, and economically disadvantaged students by expanding education lectures on Saturdays to these students and partnering with allegiant community and faith-based organizations. The trajectory of the project is to introduce and cultivate interest and aptitude in STEM disciplines then enter undergraduate programs and graduate in STEM fields.

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